A crow

A crow in action on a wall in San Telmo.


Wormy Squirmy

"The worm has definitetly turned for you my man." A Wormy Squirmy drawing. I should really get this framed.


Blah, blah, blah

So last week I competed in my first weightlifting competition. Yeah, I'm a weightlifter. I went 5/6, hit a PR on my final clean & jerk and by default had a PR with my competition total. I was only one kilo away from qualifying for the American Open Series. We were not trying to do that, we just went out to make lifts (and not freak out). It just kind of happened that way. So I might actually have a chance at the next competition to qualify. That's just crazy to me.

But two of my teammates, who also competed, were really the stars of the day. One went 5/6 and won the bronze in her weight class. And the other went, who had not competed in over a year, just crushed all of her lifts. She went 6/6 and hit a new competition PR total. It was quite the enjoyable day seeing your teammates succeed on the platform like that. Our coach clearly played us well.

Anyway, gasmask time.

photo by Emily Poole


Subway Tiles

Emily Poole sent me this from her subway stop. Someone is clearly a fan. 


The Road

The start/end of a small bike trail in Amsterdam. I was originally working with this photograph for Brains & Eggs, but moved on from the idea.